Brazuca 360

Sport Center USA

Try Turning the ball from one side to the other.

360-degree photos provide indispensable value in e-commerce, as a general rule they increase the average closing of a particular product by 30% to 40% after being implemented. In this case, Sports Center USA preferred to use this 360-degree photo where the client can turn and observe the entire product at their discretion.

As if touching the product

In this 360 photo, the client has the sensation of having the ball in his hand and almost as if he could touch it. With this photo you will have an advantage of a closing greater than 15-20% more than your competition.

The photo allows you to see all the angles and logos on the ball, as well as the light it reflects while it rotates, allowing the client to see the different textures of the material, making the experience more real.

It also increases browsing time on the product as well as interest in the entire product description and increases the return rate to the page.

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