Online Marketing

Ok, you already bought the domain you wanted, of course, after several weeks trying to find a name that was available, then you hired someone to make the website just the way you wanted, then you hosted it on a decent hosting but not so expensive, you set up your products, you wrote all the content, several blog articles, contact forms, and some other little details.

That entire long and expensive process of several months will now be rewarded, you announced with great fanfare the long-awaited opening with all your family and friends, on all the social networks where you had a profile, and on others where you had to open one. The internet is like a giant shopping mall the size of the entire world, where some 3,400,000,000 million or 3 billion people pass by every day if only 1% of those people enter your store (website) and only 3% of Them buy something for $1, you will become a millionaire! So it’s just a matter of waiting for people to pass by.

What is Online Marketing?

The problem here is that also on the Internet you are just another website among 876,812,666 websites, that are open right now and counting.

So how do you think someone can find you among so much competition? Well, I think you already know, the answer is Online marketing.

Why Marketing?

Online marketing, unlike regular advertising, has many advantages, here are the most important ones:

  • It is extremely cheap compared to the other regular advertising channels.
  • You can control your budget much better, even defining a different expense from day to day.
  • Results can be measured accurately instantly (just hours) after starting an online campaign and constantly optimized based on the results, for greater efficiency using the same budget.
  • It allows you to compare expenses with respect to profits.

what are we doing?

  • Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Marketing Campaigns on social networks, Facebook ads, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest.
  • Email marketing campaigns.
  • Content marketing, Posts, Podcast (copywriting).

If you are interested in some of our services, contact us, we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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