Mizuno 360

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Try Turning your shoes from one side to the other.

360-degree photos provide indispensable value in e-commerce, as a general rule they increase the average closing of a particular product by 30% to 40% after being implemented. As the online sale of footwear is quite critical, it was decided to use 360 ​​photos so that the customer can see all the angles of the pair of shoes.

Because each shoe is different from the other, both were used in the 360 ​​photos, this way the customer can differentiate the right from the left, giving the customer much more confidence than e-commerce only shows one of the two shoes.

It’s like seeing your shoes in the mirror.

The 360 ​​photo gives the customer the feeling of having the shoes in their hand almost as if they can touch them. With this photo, you will have the advantage of a closing greater than 15-20% more than your competition.

The photo allows you to see all the different seams, angles, and logos that the two shoes have, also the light that it reflects while rotating, allows the customer to see the different textures of the material and makes the experience more real.

All of this increases the browsing time on the product, as well as the interest in the entire description, and increasing the return rate to the page.

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