Karina Rivas

CEO, Marketing director, Copywriter, Community Manager

Hello, I’m Karina and I want to tell you a little about myself.

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I studied at Insproseg Caracas Vzla, as an Insurance analyst. Since then I have worked for several insurance companies, such as Cordillera, and Horizonte Insurance, worked in the Sales Department at Electromotores Yaracuy, in the Purchasing Department of Urologico de San Román, and at the same time did liquor promotions with Bailey’s, Smirnoff, JB, and protocol events, worked for various departments at Polar, Institutional Relations Department in the Polar Foods division, and the Insurance Department. At the same time, I created my own events company, KR Promotions at the age of (24), organizing sales impulse events with Gatorade, Maltin Polar, Maceite, Gillette, camel, Kilometrico, Mimitos, Pepsi, and more, Press conferences, sports, protocols for political events, etc. Completing my work career in Venezuela with Guillén Benitez & Asociados in the Finance Department.

I arrived with my husband and children in Miami in 2000, and from 2002 I worked for 2 and a half years as Marketing Director of a franchise of the Rainbow health and hygiene system, until we had our own franchise for 11 years, and continuing my work In marketing, my husband and I always worry about achieving goals and work independence.

I have always done what I really like, but there is nothing I could love more than being independent and owner of my own business and my time, passion is a word that accompanies me and characterizes me, and that is why my work passion, It is summarized in quality, commitment and responsibility.

I am fascinated by traveling and seeing places, and since I am very communicative I love reading and writing thoughts and reflections. I have a very developed sixth sense, so I can recognize someone in a small conversation or just exchanging words, it’s just an instinct or I’m very perceptive. My biggest challenge is to be a better human being every day, and being able to give and help pleases me.

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